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Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof

Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof – Beckerstein is steeped in nature. It is in the heart of the Taubertales region. A peaceful place, nevertheless it is ideal for getting to many tourist destinations.Whilst at our modern hotel you can expect a confortable stay with southern German hospitality and a unique,welcoming atmosphere.

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  • Prices From: 56.336 Euros
  • Number of Rooms: 26
  • Number of Stars: 3*
Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof

Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof Address:

  • Am Hummelacker 34-52
  • Beckstein
  • 97922
  • Germany

Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof Facilities:

  • Restaurant
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor Pool
  • Sauna
  • TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Pets Allowed
  • Radio

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Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof Directions:

Start with the car: A81 up to the exit deaf bishop home, thereafter direction bath Mergentheim, until Koenigshofen, in Koenigshofen at the crossing right off, direction Beckstein, after the railroad overpass the 2. Crossing right starting from direction Beckstein, at the local entrance left off, to the hotel Becksteiner vine yard S. Here you can leave yourselves a starting sketch by pdf expressions – to starting sketch journey with the course: Up to the station Lauda, there we fetch you gladly at the station, if you give us answer, when them journeys. Journey with the airplane: Airport Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Nuernberg, then with the ICE after peppering castle, there with the course after Lauda.

Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof Map:

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Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof, Beckstein

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